In Construction!

Eventually, there will be a blog here. Unfortunately, that doesn't currently exist. Sorry.

The Plan for the Blog

Hopefully, I will be using this blog for various things:

  • It will primarily be documenting my adventures into Python.
  • I hope that it will eventually be powered by a static site generator which I will develop on the blog.
  • I may also post other things such as backgrounds I've made and photos I've taken.
  • What I have planned to do is to colour-code the top header of each blog post using Bootstrap's panel-default classes, with different colours for categories such as blog stuff, Python, JS, etc.

    What I want to end up with is some kind of command line tool which takes a Git repo full of markdown files, builds a blog and deploys it to gh-pages.

    Currently, this post is hand coded into the website, but eventually I want to be able to write in either markdown, HTML or Jade.

    The style I am aiming for is designed to fit my writing style, with many, short, code-heavy posts.


    And now for some more content.